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Purchasing process
Our purchasing service is made available by the services provided by Paypal. Paypal does not require you to sign up in order to make payments and similarly we do not require you to sign up for an account in order to use our purchasing services.

We generally do not give refunds unless you have been incorrectly charged by our system. If this is the case or you feel you are entitled to a refund please contact us and tell us why. We do not give refunds on games if your computer does not meet the system requirements to run them (See below System Requirements).

System Requirements
The minimum computer system requirements for games is displayed on each game page. If your computer does not meet the minimum requirements you may not be able to play the game you download. If you are unsure your computer meets the requirements then you are welcome to download a trial version and try the game out. Most of the games available on our site will also have a time-limited trial version available.

We do our best to provide error free games but from time to time it is possible that something may go wrong. In the event that you are experiencing problems either installing or running one of our games. Please send an email for support, we will respond as fast as possible.

Developer Royalty program

Developers who have their products available on our site will earn a negotiated royalty payment per sale. These payments will be credited to your account as soon as the payments are notified by Paypal.

Developer Royalty payment Delay
Royalty payments may be delayed due to information exchange delays between our servers and Paypal's. As soon as a notification is made to our servers the royalty payments will be made to your account with a record of the payment. This delay may be up to four days with the automated system. If the automated system fails for any reason we can check our records and manually correct them which in turn will cause the credit to your account.
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