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My Account Balance has ($X.XX Held) under it. Why?
Your account balance shows the earnings you have made from referrals on the site. When you decide to make a discounted purchase we will put aside the discount amount while you go through the checkout process. These credits are put in the "Held" status. We release the credits back to you if you cancel a purchase or the purchase fails.
Where are my games? I made a purchase then signed up.
If you sign up and don't provide the Paypal address you used to make a purchase then your games will not be displayed until you edit your account and specify that Paypal address as yours. Once you do that, visit your games page from your account and you should see your games listed.
Will I lose my games if I change my Paypal address?
No. If you are logged in when you make a purchase your games are automatically saved to your account. When you change your Paypal address you will keep your games.
My Download link expired, why?
Download links are generated and expire 24 hours later OR if you attempt to download it multiple times. If you did not manage to download the game you were after due to time delay or an interrupted download you can request a new download link from the "My Games" section of your account. If you do not have an account you will have to sign up and provide the Paypal address you used to purchase the game.
How do I get support if I'm having problems?
If you are having any issues purchasing, installing or running any of our games please visit the forums to seek assistance.
I get an error telling me about a conflict. Why?
When you return from Paypal and you get the error message "Unfortunately we have encountered a conflict. We only allow one Emblem account to be associated with a paypal address." it means that the Paypal address you just used to make the purchase is actually recorded as another Emblem Account owner's Paypal address. This message is just a warning. If you were not logged in when you made the purchase the game would not have been added to your account. Instead it would be added to the account that has the recorded Paypal address. To avoid this from happening the best thing to do is to ensure you are using your own Paypal address when making purchases and have it recorded in your account.
Why am I not receiving emails from the site?
Please ensure that you check your Junk mail folder in your email account. Gmail, Yahoo should receive emails correctly but sometimes Hotmail will filter them into the Junk folder.
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